Individual Cage Bell - colour varies


This brightly coloured bell is fun for children of all ages for making music and experimenting with rhythm and beat.  Because the metal bell is safely tucked in its own "cage" they are ideal for infants and toddlers under 18 months who are still using their mouths to explore new objects.  

Please be sure to never use open bells with children under 18 months as their tongues can easily get stuck in the metal cracks of the bell. 

Note: these are sold individually, the image represents the colour variations.


  • Experiment with beat:  Give your child one bell and you hold two bells and then together tap along to a beat that you create.  Tap slowly so that your child is able to follow along.  Try:  TAP - TAP -  STOP .... TAP - TAP - STOP.... and repeat several times. 
  • Experiment with tempo:  Tap your bells slowly and have your child follow along.  Next, tap a bit faster and see if your child picks up on this change of tempo. Finally, tap very quickly and see if your child can keep up!

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