Young Maestro


A first rhythm shaker set with lots of sounds to discover and visual treats. With soft textured handles for easy grip.  


The Halilit Young Maestro Musical Instrument Gift Set is a first rhythm shaker set which contains four of the latest shakers from Halilit’s extensive range of high quality musical instruments for children and is suitable for children from as young as six months. The four shakers each provide a different sound and are vibrantly coloured to encourage aural and visual stimulation. The shakers measure fourteen centimetres and have soft textured handles for an easy and comfortable grip. The beads and bells and clip claps are all visible to the child but safely sealed behind transparent plastic covers. The Halilit


Young Maestro Musical Instrument Gift Set is packed in an attractive gift box and is an ideal and safe way to introduce very young children to the joys of percussive music making. Like all Halilit musical instruments and toys, the Young Maestro Gift Set meets or exceeds all relevant European and American Toy Safety Standards.



Age 6m+

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